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How to Bail out a detainee in Las Vegas

Let’s be honest here, some people make bad decisions once they get to Las Vegas, Nevada. Nobody plans on getting arrested in Las Vegas and spending the night in a detention center. However, if it does happen to a friend or loved one then it’s best to know your options and be prepared. If you find yourself in need of a qualified Las Vegas bail bondsman then eBAIL might just be the resource you need. Below are some major factors to consider before acquiring a bail bond.

Where are detainees taken when arrested?

When individuals are arrested in Las Vegas, they are typically sent to one of three locations.

Naturally, a Las Vegas jail is not a pleasant place for an extended stay. Bonds are often the fastest and cheapest solution.

Typically release can take a minimum of 6 to 12 hours after payment regardless of location. Afterward your friend or loved one is free to go through still responsible for any additional court appearance.

Detainees Arraignment Decision:

Bail amounts vary based on the charges and may not be necessary for every situation. Therefore it is important to understand the specific situations so you do not rush to contact a Las Vegas bail bondsmen only to discover their services are not needed.

For misdemeanors in Las Vegas, a bail bondsman is typically not required. Detainees are usually released under their own recognizance and no fee needs to be paid. On the other hand, in the case of major charges such as murder or flight risk, bail is not an option and offenders will be detained without bail until the court process can begin in full.

In Las Vegas or Nevada, most bonds are used in the case of felonies. Detainees charged with a felony have a bail amount that is set by either the judge or court. If a bond is not purchased then this amount will have to be paid in full before they can be released from jail.

How does a Bail Bond in Las Vegas work?

Naturally, you want to get your friend or loved one out of jail and on with their life as soon as possible, however, court fees are steep. Bail Bondsmen provide the necessary fees to the court upfront and in full and the detainee is released. In exchange, they charge a fee of their own in the amount of 15%. While the 15% you pay is non-refundable anything else is returned to the provider assuming you or the detainee you represent has followed up on all of their court appearances and other legal obligations.

How expensive is a Bail Bond?

Bail Bond rates are determined based on the specific charges leveled against the detainee. However, in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada, the bond rate is set at 15% of the bail amount determined by the judge. If it ranges higher or lower, then you are likely dealing with a disreputable bail bondsman.

Best Las Vegas Bail Bond Service

If your family member or friend is arrested in Las Vegas then the best service available is easily eBAIL. They are easy to contact and work fast.

eBAIL is represented by Marc Gabriel and is both BBB accredited and fully licensed to provide Bail Bonds in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Boulder City, and Henderson. In fact, they are the only BBB accredited service available in Las Vegas, making them the go-to source for reliable and trustworthy service. This is just locally, however and their services can be contracted nationwide.

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